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Users frustrated with Seagate's next-gen hybrid drive

Lucas Mearian | Feb. 16, 2011
Seagate has resolved some of the problems and is addressing others

"They are temporary and bearable, but very annoying for me, even more difficult for some folks on the forums (video editors, musicians, etc)," he said. "I only have experience on the Mac side of the house, but there are plenty of PC users out there as well who are experiencing spin-down/up, drive stalls, and the like."

A Seagate spokesman said the company has been addressing "anomalies reported by customers" in its online forum and directly to company customer service representatives.

"Most of these anomalies have already been resolved by the current SD24 firmware upgrade located on the Seagate support forum or through our technical support team," the spokesman said. "The few remaining concerns include beeping sounds, no spin down in power-saving modes and intermittent hangs, most notably on MacBook Pro systems. Seagate remains focused on resolving these issues as well."

In Computerworld's benchmark tests, the drive surpassed the industry's highest performing hard disk drives and even beat out some pure SSDs for write performance.

Seagate's first attempt at producing a hybrid drive failed to gain significant sales. The Momentus 5400 PSD, or Power Savings Drive, had a spindle speed of 5,400 rpm and 256MB of NAND flash capacity. Seagate had aimed for power savings rather than performance with that drive, but it found that most consumers and system manufacturers were more interested in improvements in boot-up times and application load times than they were in decreases in their electricity bills or improvements in laptop battery life.


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