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Barrett says time is right to close digital divide

James Niccolai | Jan. 16, 2009
Craig Barrett has now turned his attention to an even bigger challenge!

IDGNS: Some governments can be willfully uncooperative. Have you had any successes in Iran or Pakistan?

Barrett: There's a little bit starting to go into Pakistan. I think there are more governments than not that are excited about this. No matter where you go in the world and talk to government leaders, whether it's a resource-poor country or an oil-rich country, they tell you the same thing -- ultimately, my economy is dependent on my people.

IDGNS: Where are you off to next?

Barrett: My next trip is a fun one, to New Zealand to go helicopter fly-fishing. I'm combining that with the Milford trek in the South Island, where they have these fiords and tropical rain forest. Then it's back to Europe and the Middle East for some work there.

IDGNS: Since you handed the CEO job to Paul Otellini, do you miss having a more hands-on role running Intel?

Barrett: You go through stages. I had nearly 35 years of worrying about the day-to-day problems associated with manufacturing lines and customers. Do I miss that after 30 years? (laughs.) Sometimes you can move to a different place and look at things. So I tell Paul Otellini, "You can worry about the problems and I'll travel for you."


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