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Hong Kong workers demand an ideal workplace

Anuradha Shukla | Nov. 14, 2014
Require a smart, safe and professional environment that is well served by transport links.

Hong Kong workers are searching for an ideal workplace, according to a newly released survey from Regus.

Opinions of over 22,000 respondents in 100 countries, including Hong Kong indicate that workers require a smart, safe and professional environment that is well served by transport links.

85% of respondents in Hong Kong said fast and reliable IT services are most important.

78% of respondents in China gave importance to guarantee of safety for their belongings and 64% in Taiwan said being close to transport links is most important for them.

"Workers globally agree that the key feature of an ideal work environment is highly functional ICT, highlighting the need to remain productive and connected at all times," said Michael Ormiston, country manager, Regus Hong Kong. "In addition, business people also value being close to other firms in their industry, but they are not willing to locate close to a similar size company. This suggest that, firms see more value in mixing with dissimilar firms."

Location tops the list

Location and appearance topped the list with 63% of global respondents saying that they want their workplace to look the part in terms of smartness.

55% prefer professional front desk management and 82% gave importance to highly functional ICT as they believe it is essential for good business.

23% wants to reduce the commute and improve work-life balance by having their ideal workplace closer to home.

40% of global respondents require proximity to transport links (40%) or a car park (48%).

23% said they would prefer to be close to home, reducing their commute and providing them more free time.

67% give importance to the safety of their belongings and 19% prefer a prestigious location.




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