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How to diversify your IT hiring pipeline

Sharon Florentine | Oct. 21, 2015
Improving diversity at your tech company starts with diversifying how you build your hiring pipeline. From Grace Hopper 2015, experts share their tips for improving diversity at every step in the process: from writing job descriptions to sourcing, recruiting and screening candidates.

Make sure that if your hiring team has any reservations about a candidates' communication, leadership and/or collaboration skills, that those are assessed separately from a technical screening, she says.

Typical ways of performing tech screenings are also detrimental to women and people of color in the hiring process, Textio's Snyder adds. A lot of companies are still doing tech screens using a whiteboard, and Snyder's data shows this is an area where women, in particular, don't perform at the same level as men.

"Women perform at the same technical competency level as men when they're given technical assessments on a computer. But they score significantly lower when problem-solving challenges are given on a whiteboard. Not only that, but for the most part these are not real-world scenarios. Why would you ask a candidate to perform a task that has no bearing on what they'd actually be doing in the workplace? These tend to disproportionately exclude women and minority candidates," Snyder says.


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