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Look who's coming for the CEO role

Anna Frazzetto | June 24, 2016
Digital touches all areas of the business – operations, finance, marketing, sales, customer engagement, and IT. With experience in all of these areas, the Chief Digital Officer is brilliantly positioned for the CEO shortlist.

In the know

The CDO role is as much a technology role as it is a business role. CDOs have to know and understand business strategy, operations and customers in order to identify and lead digital transformation efforts. This knowledge of how the business, its people and its consumers work is another powerful leadership asset that today’s CDOs are rapidly acquiring.

Add CDOs to the CEO shortlist

While only 19 percent of businesses around the world have CDOs today, expect that number to rise as mobile, social, cloud and data initiatives continue to touch all areas of business operations and innovation. Also expect more CIOs to expand their expertise into digital, taking on the role—if not the title—of CDO. In addition, many businesses are seeing CMOs expand their digital and technology expertise. The fact is, the skills and knowledge of the CDO are rapidly becoming essential to business leadership, strategy and innovation. Whether the CDO title is there or not, business leaders who are spearheading digital transformation are often exactly who you want on the shortlist for CEO and who you want planning a bold, interconnected future for your business. 


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