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17 most powerful internet of things companies 2016

Brandon Butler with updates from Christina Mercer | June 24, 2016
Billions of connected devices means billions in revenue for these companies.

11. IBM

17 most powerful Internet of Things companies: IBM

IBM has a variety of products in this area including a messaging platform for machine to machine (M2M) data named MessageSight, along with MobileFirst, which gives objects mobile capabilities, and BlueMix, a development platform for apps that can manage IoT data collection and analysis. IBM isn't alone in providing IT-centric IoT offerings though -- service companies like Wipro and CGI are making a big push, too.

12. Intel

17 most powerful Internet of Things companies: Intel

Intel has a range of options, from the highly energy efficient QuarkSoC X1000 for low capacity workloads to Xeons for heavy-duty processing. Intel isn't the only processor company talking up the IoT market either. Competitor ARM is readying its chips for a world of sensors, too.

What's more, Intel's DK300 Series Gateway allows users to securely analyse, share and filter encrypted data that passes between devices.

13. Microsoft

17 most powerful Internet of Things companies: Microsoft

Microsoft says it wants to make the Internet of Things applicable to everyday business activities. It's doing this through a variety of products, including customised Windows Embedded operating systems meant to collect and analyse data, as well as via products in its Azure cloud such as Intelligent Systems, an offering that offloads heavy data analysis to the cloud.

In May 2016, Microsoft acquired Italian IoT startup,Solair to 'help customers harness the power of the internet of things'. Solair promotes IoT projects across the manufacturing, retail, food and beverage and transportation sectors. 

In a blog post, Microsoft's Azure IoT partner director, Sam George said: "The integration of Solair's technology into the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite will continue to enhance our complete IoT offering for the enterprise. We'll have more specifics to share about how Solair is helping us build the intelligent cloud in the future."

14. Oracle

17 most powerful Internet of Things companies: Oracle

The IoT movement is fundamentally about creating more data, and Oracle says all that data will need a place to be stored. The company has a suite of services, including a platform for enabling Java in embedded sensor devices, a middleware platform for creating applications to capture the data, and databases to store it all.

Oracle aims to provide real-time IoT solutions.

15. SAP

17 most powerful Internet of Things companies: SAP

SAP have created S/4 HANA, a centralised, streamlined business suite that houses an advanced in-memory platform designed for the Internet of Things.

S/4 HANA is cloud platform that provides real-time insights from the data collected from connected sensors. The platform also allows third parties to develop IoT applications via open APIs.


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