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Box CEO Aaron Levie cosies up with AWS and IBM with Box Zones

Tamlin Magee | April 12, 2016
Product launch faces up to contradictions between global digital business and regional data laws

"We know in the digital world you don't have boundaries," Levie told Computerworld UK today. "With a couple billion people having smartphones and a few billion on the internet we have a very different global space we all operate and do business in.

"What is the meaning of a local law in global cyberspace? I think we are running into that friction on an hourly basis, between our laws and the digital world."

He cited the EU's attempts to hash out data privacy directives as a fitting example - with opinions differing between common or country-by-country approaches.

"For us, it's interesting," he said. "The more complex the world gets for our customers - if you're a transportation or retail company and you're doing business internationally - there's this requirement that you get really good at all the international regulation around data and collaboration and technology.

"But that's not your core competency. So we do see an opportunity where our job is to try and simplify that for our customers."

Both Levie and LeBlanc added that a more unified approach to data regulation and standards in the cloud would be desirable, with LeBlanc citing OpenStack as a significant step in the right direction.

"It's our belief that we need to make sure there's a unified set of policies to ensure our customers can do business globally without having an impact on their use of technology," Levie explained. "What we have done in the meantime is, we are bearing a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make sure our customers get as good a user experience, even though we don't have standards from a regulatory standpoint."

Source: Computerworld UK 


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