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​Cloud service improves progress claims flow for Built

Byron Connolly (CIO) | Oct. 19, 2015
Staff completing progress claims up to 50 percent faster.

Given all these factors, the need to automate the claims progress management process was a high priority for Built.

Over the past 12 months, Built has been rolling out web-based claims software developed by Australian firm under a pilot at 15 of its sites around the country.

The cloud service has been integrated with the Jobpac ERP system - which is used by Built - and will be rolled out to 100 contract administrators and senior managers, and 2000 subcontractors at 80 sites by the second quarter of 2016.

Sub-contractors use the software on their mobile devices to submit and share their job information, which eliminates the need for complex spreadsheets and email trails.

According to Clarke, people want small, light apps for their iPhones that do exactly what they want them to do.

"The philosophy behind is exactly that. Other applications in this space are old and complex.

"There are 2000 subcontractors with 9000 claims - not all of them are used to sitting at a computer and [entering information] - they are used to delivering on something. It has to be as simple as someone picking up the phone or looking up the weather," he said.

Already, the deployment has improved the quality of information being submitted around jobs and reduced the time it takes to complete progress claims by 40 to 50 percent.

"That gives us a productivity benefit - we don't have people sitting at computers, they can get on with other jobs. It also means that we can do more jobs with the same amount of people," said Clarke.

"It's a collaborative approach with us and the sub-contractors and they are loving it because they are getting their progress claims in sooner with more accuracy.

"Imagine your paperwork has gone from having to sit at a computer to sliding your thumb across a scale or your iPhone to indicate that you have completed 20 per cent [of a job] and then say 'submit.' That's how simple it is," he said.

Source: CIO Australia


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