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Embrace the cloud for disaster survival and recovery

Tony Bradley | March 17, 2011
The catastrophes in Japan illustrate the value of embracing the cloud for resilience and disaster recovery.

Cloud Backup. Many companies fail to backup critical systems on a periodic basis at all, but it is even more unfortunate when an organization has taken the time to create the backups, but the backups end up getting destroyed at the same time as the servers and data their backing up. Using a cloud-based backup solution gives you peace of mind that--when the dust settles and you're ready to rebuild your systems and resume normal operations--your backup data will be there for you.

Don't get me wrong--there are potential pitfalls and drawbacks to cloud solutions as well. There are potential security and data protection concerns. A simple, non-nation crippling disaster, Internet outage can grind business to a halt. Cloud-based applications and data are of little use while traveling on airplanes not equipped with Wi-Fi, or to sites with poor network connectivity.

This is not a wholesale endorsement to abandon local applications and data storage and rush to the cloud. But, those managers in Japan who pushed their organizations to embrace the cloud look like heroes now. These scenarios certainly provide some very credible reasons to put on the "pros" side of ledger when weighing your cloud options.


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