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Five tips for migrating to the public cloud

Christina Mercer | June 24, 2016
LogicMonitor's Steven Kahn reveals five tricks to make migrating to the public cloud easier

"Problems occure because of tools and old practices, the production environment being monitored from a systems point of view, so infrastructure monitoring should be the first step when monitoring new products, features or developing new code. You should monitor dev and test environments the same way you monitor production environments.

He added: "You should set baselines and in each of those environments, adhere to and set thresholds because nothing stays the same when production starts as, resources will run away from you, production spend will increase. So if you set baselines and dev and test before you hit production and adhere to those baselines you're going to be in for success."

5. Cloud migration tips: Estimate the cost in advance

Cloud migration tips: Estimate the cost in advance

Like all enterprise projects, preparation is everything, Kahn explained why businesses should gauge the total operational costs before begining a migration.

"You need to practice and see what will work for you and what the best mix of resources will be. This helps businesses estimate the costing once you make a migration switch," said Kahn.

"For example, if you can do some load-testing in an AWS environment, you can predict exactly what those cost will look like in production, that's another great way to keep a close eye on runaway resources and runaway costs," he added.

Source: Computerworld UK 


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