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Gathering of clouds

AvantiKumar | Aug. 12, 2008
Buzzwords abound but distributed computing is one phrase that has held ground.

If you've kept track of cloud computing, you would have noticed the trends that are making this a hot topic.

Addressing the challenges of a fast-changing IT landscape is what I wanted to title this posting - but that particular title could be usefully applied at any time in the last fifteen years.

Truth is -- as one Europe-based correspondent told me -- that ICT professionals have always had to face the challenges from the drive to become a true global, knowledge-based economy.

Buzzwords abound but distributed computing is one phrase that has held ground.

Distributed computing is the mix that has been driving the transformation of the IT landscape, said another speaker at a forum I recently attended in Kuala Lumpur.

Involving all groups is essential

The challenge right now in a European forum - the Open Grid Forum -  is to set standards for cloud computing, grids, service oriented architecture, virtualisation, and the package of applications that form Web 2.0.

Recent forums iterate the need to have scalability as a key feature in all infrastructure and applications in the days to come.

Engaging end users, developers, and researchers in both the private and public sector will be the real key to bringing best standards and practices on a global level.

AvantiKumar is the Deputy Editor of Computerworld Malaysia. His hometown is London but is based in Malaysia for the past nine years. His hobbies include writing, gadgets, travel and people in that order. 


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