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How Amazon's cloud solved the "perfect storm" in networking

Brandon Butler | Nov. 14, 2014
The cloud has 11 regions around the world made up of 28 availability zones, each of which has at least one data center and each data center has between 50,000 and 80,000 servers

AWS has built redundant paths into its Availability Zones so that if one goes down in a region, then the region can survive. Each of the Availability Zones within a region has latencies of less than 2 milliseconds between them, and usually closer to 1 millisecond. Every Availability Zone has at least its own data center and US-East, AWS's oldest region has an Availability Zone with five data centers.

AWS has been notoriously closed mouth about the inner workings of its operations, but Hamilton shared the view to show how the company is able to operate and innovate so fast. This year the company expects to release about 500 updates to its cloud. Meanwhile, it's Simple Storage Solution (S3) is growing at more than 120% usage year-over-year; the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is growing 99% every year. Not every company will be able to take measures like AWS did to solve its problems, but not every company has the scale and problems like AWS does either.


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