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Indian SMB cloud services opportunity to reach US$839M by 2016

Anuradha Shukla | May 28, 2013
Parallels releases a scalable, multi-server automation solution to address the growing demand for cloud services by SMBs in the country.

Parallels estimates the Indian SMB cloud services opportunity to reach US$839 million by the beginning of 2016.

The company wants to tap this lucrative market and has launched a scalable, multi-server automation solution called Parallels Plesk Automation to meet the growing demand of cloud services by SMBs.

Parallels specialises in delivering hosting, cloud services enablement and desktop virtualisation solutions. It estimates the Indian SMB cloud services opportunity in 2013 to be worth US$339 million and expects it to grow 35 percent year-over-year for the next three years.

New adopters of cloud services and current users will drive this growth and Parallels expects current users will add more applications and functionality to their existing cloud services.

"While India's low Internet and broadband penetration has limited the spread of cloud services, Indian SMBs are eager to get online and consume services that will help them reach their customer base, increase their productivity, and improve their IT capabilities,"  said David Dzienciol, regional vice president and general manager, Parallels Asia Pacific.

Managing customers from a central point

Designed to manage thousands of customers from a central point, Parallels Plesk Automation enables Parallels Plesk Panel customers to scale to thousands of servers and a wide range of services.

The solution boasts a modern design, remarkable usability and is set to grow with time to include infrastructure and application (SaaS) modules. Parallels Plesk Automation is already popular among service providers and is deployed on many servers across the globe.

Parallels has also launched two integrated products to address this opportunity for service providers - Parallels Cloud Storage and Parallels Cloud Server.

Parallels Cloud Storage has the ability to significantly cut down the cost of high-availability, high-performance storage. It leverages the existing unused disk space on server nodes to create a centralised storage pool for distributed cloud storage.

Parallels Cloud Server is designed to address all the cloud infrastructure services requirements of the customers.

"Parallels Cloud Server changes the game for VPS and cloud hosting," said Narayanan Ganeshan, senior manager, Cloud Operations of CtrlS. "By extending our portfolio to include Parallels Cloud Server, we're enabling our customers to obtain high availability servers while reducing maintenance costs."


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