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Mark Shuttleworth predicts total collapse of OpenStack 'big tent'

Tamlin Magee | June 24, 2016
OpenStack will become 'de facto' cloud platform, says Shuttleworth

When asked about the importance of integration between OpenStack and AWS, he said that "part of the collapse of this bubble of bullshit will be a blame game saying OpenStack failed".

"[People will say] 'OpenStack did the wrong thing, OpenStack made the wrong choices, OpenStack should have copied the AWS APIs'," he said. "That's all these guys saying 'we're not getting what we thought we would get so it's his fault'. It's not."

"Part of that blame game will be an existential crisis over APIs but it doesn't really matter. If you put yourself in the mind of a CIO you must commit - they are committing to working across multiple clouds. Having AWS and Azure makes sense: once you do that, having OpenStack as well is not hard."

"I think the API ship has sailed, there were smarter decisions that could have been made five years ago, we're all human - it doesn't matter."

Source: Computerworld UK 


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