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New Windows 10 build adds gestures, tweaks the toolbar, and simplifies OneDrive

Mark Hachman | Nov. 13, 2014
Microsoft says Build 9879 of Windows 10 will be the last of the year. New features seem aimed to build in flexibility where it's needed, and simplicity where it's not.

 Internet Explorer and MKV tweaks
 Microsoft also said a small number of users--about 10 percent of those with the beta--would be upgraded to the new "Edge" rendering engine, designed for improved compatibility with the various sites on the Web.

Compatibility is also the name of the game with the MKV video file container, which was added in Build 9860. In Build 9879, users can now play MKV files directly from Windows Media Player, including desktop and modern apps), along with proper thumbnail images and MKV support.

An Improved Windows Insider app
Microsoft also said it might rely less on official blog posts in the future and focus more on direct communication with users via the Windows Insider app that users subscribe to when they join the beta. Users should have an easier time submitting feedback and seeing the feedback others have sent, Aul said.

A number of other, smaller tweaks include different folder icons, for example, and the use of a "hamburger" (layered bars) icon in certain apps to allow access to the Charms or settings. 

What are you seeing in the Windows 10 Technical Preview? Have any of your suggestions appeared in the new build? Find any Easter eggs? Tell us below!


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