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Proliferative innovation, cloud, desktop virtualisation

Anushkar Mohinani | April 28, 2011
A macro view of ICT development and deployment across Asia in 2011.

As we go through 2011, CIOs around the world would be well advised to spend time thinking through continually about how to answer some new probing questions from internal auditors, such as, “Could this happen to us?” and “Can we assure our shareholders that…?”

What do you think 2011 will be best remembered for?
2011 is likely to be the year Asia finally breaks free from the world’s shadow of the Global Financial Crisis. Asian economies are already delivering growth rates that are the envy of traditional economies in Europe and the USA. Asian CIOs need to deliver solutions that meet high growth business expectations, and balance the much more conservative expectations of head offices from multinational companies.

This balancing act is currently holding back recruitment and more aggressive business planning. 2011 is likely to be the year when IT companies think deeply about how they will deal with the specific market drivers in the Asian economy.

Which attributes of senior IT executives do you think will be needed most in the coming year 2011?
The writing is on the wall for CIO executives. Technically minded CIOs are fast headed for the endangered species list. Sure, CIOs need to have a deep understanding of all aspects of technology, and this importance cannot be underestimated. However, new technology players such as Cloud computing are continuing to chip away at technical service provision. The CIO’s most important attribute in 2011 is likely to be adaptability. CIOs will be need to be able to quickly morph from technology evangelist, to then become business leaders, and then back to technology, without drawing breath. 2011 is likely to be a year of change, and CIOs will need to show they have the right stuff to make it happen.

What do you see as major challenges for enterprises in 2011 and how should they prepare themselves to respond?
Skills shortages are likely to grow across the region as world ICT begins to pick up. Key staff attraction and retention are likely to be key issues for ICT managers in Asia. As Asian economic growth continues to be a key driver of Asian ICT, CIOs will need to develop corporate skills in reliably delivering high growth projects. This will mean delivering anticipating growth areas and delivering crucial infrastructure in advance of business need.
What country-specific issues do you see confronting Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong relating to information and communications technology strategies in 2011?
Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong are high growth economies with technology savvy populations. The proliferation of personal mobile devices will continue to challenge our thinking about how to drive enterprise applications from the explosion of virtual devices. It is likely these economies will feel the impact in 2011, given fast growing client expectations. Mobile devices pose some significant problems for traditional enterprise applications. However, the business opportunities are likely to be just as significant and worth the effort.


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