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Smart cloud application platform for consumers: NETGEAR

AvantiKumar | March 14, 2012
Will help optimise home network capabilities, says networking firm.

Soo Kean Thai  - NetGear

PHOTO - NETGEAR ASEAN regional director - Soo Kean Thai.


For the first time, consumers can access customised applications to enhance their home networks devices, following the launch of a smart network cloud application platform, according to networking firm NETGEAR.

"The Smart Network Cloud Application Platform provides a platform for new and innovative applications to exist in the cloud and be easily downloaded by consumers to enhance their home network capabilities to match their particular lifestyle and needs," said NETGEAR Asean regional director, Soo Kean Thai. "The platform is enabled through NETGEAR routers, ReadyNAS storage devices, media players as well as future products. The Smart Network Cloud Application platform gives consumers a new level of control to use their home network than ever before with the management of practically any device."

"The capabilities from these cloud apps will help manage smart home devices, such as wi-fi thermostats, increase storage device energy efficiency, priority and performance management for streaming media entertainment," said Soo. "There are also cloud apps for personal productivity uses as such print sharing, cloud printing capabilities for tablets, as well as picture and home video sharing."

He said that uses of the Smart Network Cloud Application platform include:

- Independent programmers developing data usage meter applications

- Utility companies can develop apps for users to more closely monitor and reduce their energy usage

- Game developers can provide network optimisers to prioritise bandwidth for specific games;

- ISPs (Internet service providers) can create apps for sharing of user-generated content without the need to upload any content files to public websites

"For the first time, consumers can customise network experience with ability to develop and perhaps commercialise applications that cater to their needs and desires," said Soo. "Today's smart devices are only as smart as the networks they are connected to. NETGEAR is driving the evolution from home networks to Smart Networks that allow consumers themselves to download and develop innovative new applications that can harness the power of their entire home network devices."


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