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SpringSource announces Cloud Foundry

By Tony Baer | Aug. 21, 2009
With the ink still drying on the proposed acquisition of SpringSource by VMware, SpringSource has announced the cloud strategy that will eventually be the heart of the deal.

Cloud Foundry is a work in progress

SpringSource does not plan to physically host Cloud Foundry; instead Cloud Foundry is designed to run on different hosting environments, with the first to be Amazon EC2 as a public cloud (Cloud Foundry will abstract the interface with Amazon Web Services, which are used for deploying to the Amazon cloud). VMware could make Cloud Foundry suitable for private clouds.

However, as a developer preview product, Cloud Foundry is obviously not ready for prime time. Aside from the need for real-world shakedowns, there are some key missing pieces that would be needed to make this scalable and fully elastic. For instance, it will need a more sophisticated load balancing mechanism than the Apache HTP Server that it initially uses. It will need more granular runtime visibility of Java applications through capabilities provided by Hyperic, which is on SpringSources to-do list. And, as we mentioned in our analysis of the proposed acquisition by VMware, SpringSource needs additional virtualization at the Java object (or JVM) level to provide richer options for using the right scaling approaches for the application.

That is where the potential synergy with VMware gets interesting. Its not simply that VMware provides the de facto replacement for whatever Linux flavor or other OS platform Cloud Foundry runs on; instead it is the possibility of leveraging VMwares vSphere cloud environment to provide real enterprise scale.


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