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What does the cloud pricing war mean for business in 2016?

Tamlin Magee | June 24, 2016
Years on and tit-for-tat price reductions of some of the top public cloud vendors are still a hot topic

Ultimately a focus on cost will result in short term benefit. Founder of business advisory firm Quocirca, Clive Longbottom, says he has spent "so long trying to educate organisations on the fact that if you do something purely for hypothetical cost reasons, it will inevitably end up being more expensive to the business."

"If you do something for the right reasons - i.e. it is the best way of doing it - it will invariably result in cost savings," Longbottom says.

"This seems so sensible to us we thought that we would be seeing far fewer cost-based decisions being made."

So the cutthroat braggadocio of the top vendors will find some favour from customers who value saving cash in the short term. But for customers, generally speaking? A more level-headed approach to picking the right service will benefit the wider customer base in the longer term.

"It will get to the point where you a) get what you are paying for or b) get a RyanAir version of the cloud," warns Longbottom. "'You want connectivity? That's extra. Reports? Extra."'

Source: Computerworld UK


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