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Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding reduces the complexity and cost of live stream transcoding

Nurdianah Md Nur | March 28, 2013
The service provides content producers with on-demand access to encoding resources and charges them on a pay-per-use basis

Content providers can now instantly scale live encoding resources and produce adaptive bitrate streams without significant investments in on-premise hardware with Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding.

According to leading global provider of cloud content services Brightcove, Live Cloud Transcoding is an open API for live video encoding that reduces the complexity and upfront costs of live stream transcoding.

Live events are usually challenging and costly. Content providers have to buy, manage and configure the transcoding hardware, which will lay idle after the event until the next live event.

Uplink bandwidth at the event venue may also pose a problem as it limits the ability to publish adaptive bitrate streams and securing outband bandwidth will elevate the cost of the event.

Understanding this, Live Cloud Transcoding API provides content providers with on-demand access to encoding resources and charging them on a pay-per-use basis.

Besides that, content providers can use a lightweight encoder on a laptop, instead of a complex and expensive transcoding hardware, to send a single RTMP stream to the service and create adaptive bitrate HLS and RTMP streams to provide viewers with a high-quality viewing experience on any device.

“By offering live transcoding as a simple, scalable API, we are able to change the economics of live events. This will help bring all sorts of new content online, and content providers of all types will benefit from drastically lower capital expenditures and operational requirements for live programming,” said John Dahl, vice-president of encoding services at Brightcove.

Generally available worldwide, Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding is priced based on the duration of the input and output video streams, quality and volume at US$10 per hour. Month-to-month plans with usage-based discounts and annual plans with greater volume discounts are available too.


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