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Intel unveils its Optane hyperfast memory

Lucas Mearian | Jan. 4, 2017
Intel released few key details around its new non-volatile memory

3D Crosspoint will be about half the price of DRAM, but around four to five times more expensive than NAND flash, Carter said. So while it will replace DRAM for many applications, it's not likely to replace NAND flash -- at least for prosumer applications --- anytime soon.

Carter said demand for QuantX memory is "through the roof" from system manufacturers and there's currently not enough stock to go around.

"We've built the capacity for the first couple of years; it's all accounted for," Carter said in an earlier interview with Computerworld. "I've been in situations with partners who buy a lot of DRAM who've said, 'Do you know how much DRAM I buy? You'd better get me some 3D XPoint.' "


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