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Technologies that are shaking up manufacturing

Rebecca Merrett | Oct. 20, 2015
What 3D printing, robots, smart sensors an driverless cars are doing for manufacturers.

“Real-time information about vehicles and their intentions of travelling through a certain route would actually help optimise on travel time and emissions,” Dixit says. “If you know 3000 vehicles are going towards the city and taking a particular road, the car could actually make a decision that the road is going to be congested in the next five minutes, and will reroute.”

However, until then, driverless cars would still have to operate with traditional cars and human drivers on the road.

“One of the biggest challenges is intent. As you come to an intersection and you are turning right, you really need to know the intent of the person/car in front of you – if they are turning or going straight,” Dixit says. “That’s the hardest part to address. If you don’t have communication between the vehicles or between the infrastructure. It makes it hard for these vehicles to be driving on city streets.

“Recognising their intent by even small adjustments to the drive, subtle movements, means you start compensating for other drivers.”


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