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Tested: Nvidia's new Titan X is absolutely decadent in SLI

Gordon Mah Ung | Aug. 3, 2016
We test not just one new Pascal Titan X, we test two!

falconnorthwest fragbox 2 rise of the tomb raider very high 4k

It was pretty much a draw between the liquid-cooled GeForce GTX 1080 cards in SLI and the new Titan X cards in Rise of the Tomb Raider at 4K resolution.

Our next test is Rise of the Tomb Raider, ran at 3840x2160 (a.k.a. 4K) resolution. The dual GTX 1080s in the Aventum 3 and the dual Titan Xs in the FragBox 2 delivered largely identical performance results. That didn’t just happen in Rise of the Tomb Raider either. Most of the games I tried at 4K resolution showed little performance difference between the two systems. In a couple of games the new Titan X had an advantage, but certainly nothing to justify costing more than twice as much as a GeForce GTX 1080.

Perhaps the ho-hum (ha!) 4K resolutions isn’t enough to truly test these world-class graphics champions? I reached for the only monitor that was equally decadent: Dell’s 2715K. It’s the world’s first 5K monitor, with a resolution of 5120x2880.

In pixel math, that’s about 14.7 million pixels. Compare that to an Ultra HD 4K monitor, which rocks 8.3 million pixels, or a standard 1080p monitor’s 2 million pixels.

Once I cranked up the resolution the performance of that new Titan X SLI setup started to show its true colors against the GTX 1080 pair.

falcon northwest fragbox 2 rise of the tomb raider 5k very high

Only at 5K, do we see the new Titan X cards open an advantage over the liquid-cooled and overclocked GTX 1080 cards. (Yes, it’s 5K, but it’s midnight and I’m not changing the title right now.)

Tom Clancy’s The Division 5K Performance

falcon northwest fragbox 2 the division 5k ultra

Tom Clancy’s The Division gives up a decent amount of performance running at 5K resolution.

Moving on to Tom Clancy’s The Division in 5K, we again see a pretty sizable performance bump from the two new Titan X cards in the FragBox 2 over the liquid-cooled GTX 1080 cards in the Aventum 3.

Far Cry Primal

falcon northwest fragbox 2 far cry primal 5k ultra

Far Cry Primal run at 5K resolution shows a decent gaming performance for the new Titan X even over liquid-cooled GTX 1080 cards.

Far Cry Primal reveals an even larger performance difference between the two pairs of cards. You could argue that the pair of new Titan X cards give you true playable frame rates at 5K resolution when you consider these numbers.


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