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The 10 common data centre surprises

Jack Loo | April 2, 2012
Emerson Network Power gives recommendations to data centre managers on how to handle potential situations.

8.         In the past, data centre managers freely mixed and matched components from various vendors because those systems worked together only tangentially. That is changing. IT and infrastructure systems still can work independently, but to truly leverage the full extent of their capabilities, integration is imperative.

9.         The days of lengthy design, order and deployment delays are over. Containerised data centres can be used to quickly establish a network or to add capacity to an existing data centre. The solution to most problems is a phone call away.

10.       Financial institutions may see heavy use during traditional business hours and virtually nothing overnight. Holiday shopping and tax seasons also can create unusual spikes in IT activity. A scalable infrastructure with intelligent controls can adjust to those highs and lows to ensure efficient operation.


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