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Profile: Insight's Andrea Della Mattea

Allan Swann | Nov. 11, 2014
The APAC MD and SVP discusses her career, gender politics, industry consolidation and her predictions for 2015

To your point, we are testing this all in this market, because it makes sense -- the maturation of Cloud is very advanced here. Australia and New Zealand are two of the most virtualised countries in the world.

So Cloud is the big focus for Insight in FY15?

Without a doubt. A lot of our clients at the moment are really looking to come to terms with the disruptive forces that they see impacting their business.

So we're helping our clients determine which Cloud, which workload, which scenarios, platform readiness, migration, managed services, application development and integration, and so on. The strategy around helping an organisation with its top level Cloud strategy whether they go completely public, private or hybrid, or just move a specific discipline or workload, there's absolutely a huge opportunity in the market to help clients.

I have a client here in Australia who we're partnering with to deliver some Cloud solutions on the Microsoft Stack, and they're opening branches or offices in other countries around the world. So time to market is incredibly important to them. By leveraging Azure technology they can actually enter another new market, and be up and running much faster than they could using legacy or on-premise solutions. You don't need to send kilos of tin all around.

Across FY15 we'll continue with heavy investment in this market. So I'll be looking to invest in more selling resources, more solution specialists - particularly around Cloud - and optimisation services. We also need more technical consultants to deliver upon the engagements that we see, particularly in China, Hong Kong and Australia -- they're our three main markets that the bulk of the investment will be going into.

What have you been most proud of during your time at Insight?

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I think it's all about assembling a great time of leaders. For our organisation you really need to be focused on your value proposition and your differentiators, because we compete with so many great organisations in this market. Its our goal to be able to clearly articulate to the client why they should be able to trust us with their investments to meet or exceed their business needs.

So the people that you recruit and bring on board are just incredibly important. My business is successful when I have great people, who can take that message to market, and recruit strong people themselves, passionate people who are engaged. We have very good tenure, very good retention in our organisation.

Speaking of staffing, as a leading figure in the Australian IT industry, and a leading female figure, have you found that gender diversity has improved in your time?


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