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Profile: Insight's Andrea Della Mattea

Allan Swann | Nov. 11, 2014
The APAC MD and SVP discusses her career, gender politics, industry consolidation and her predictions for 2015

My view is a bit different to most. Having come from engineering, which is very male dominated, I didn't come to IT and focus on it. To me the balance of females in IT was much better. I don't necessarily see it as others may have, but I can if you've come from another industry. Mostly it's about organisations. Some organisations are more balanced than others.

Having said that, over the last 20 years have I seen a positive change? Definitely. I was at an executive dinner last night, of say 30-40 people, and there were perhaps 3-4 women. Years ago, I would've probably been the only female. So it has certainly changed.

We certainly promote the right person for the right job, but as you willsee around our office, we've got a lot of females in technical roles, finance roles, males in marketing and partner management roles and so on. We've got a lot of great diversity.

We also bring in many people from other countries to bring in that cultural diversity too.

Finally, what are your key predictions for 2015?

I expect to see a lot more consolidation at all levels across the industry. Not just in our space, but in the distribution space and certainly with the software and hardware vendors. We're already starting to see it in the Australian market -- which ARN has covered a lot of already.

Cloud isn't going anywhere -- next year we'll see more traction as Australian businesses move into local datacentres. Softlayer's here, Azure's launched, and you'll have VMware's vCloud going live in 2015 as well. Theres a big opportunity for the larger players and this is a big market.

Where I do get concerned is for some of the smaller players, where they might have a single instance, or a local datacentre, with a niche solution. They don't have the billion dollar R&D investment funds, or the scale to be in other geographies for the redundancy, or expansion.

We want to see the local companies do well, but you've got to have a very well carved out niche and value prop differentiator to be able to survive in this market. I'd still like to see the blend between those multinational players, and the locals. Its so critical to our market to keep those profits and revenues local.

Mobility, security and Big Data will also be big next year too. It's a great industry to be in and an incredibly exciting time.


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