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5 Google product lines that need update announcements at Google I/O

Melissa Riofrio | May 28, 2015
Enough with the Wi-Fi balloons and self-driving cars. Five real-world Google products and services need fixing, especially with Microsoft stepping up its game.

The cloud is your world, Google. It's time to make Hangouts as rock-solid and easy to use as it should be.

5. Google Docs needs better Office compatibility

Some of us have been using Docs since its earliest days. It's come a long, long way from those primitive, barely productive beginnings. The feature sets are deeper. Docs pioneered collaboration features that have forced Microsoft Office to play catchup.

But the evolution of Docs has, not surprisingly, moved it closer and closer to Microsoft Office. Not just because that's where everyone's coming from and what everyone compares it to, but because people just want to get things done. Smart steps like allowing cross-platform track changes have helped smooth out the bumps between the competing packages. And yet, holes remain: Docs doesn't let you save files in Word's .docx format, for instance.

Google Docs isn't going to beat Office — its best hope is to be a strong competitor. But Microsoft is innovating too, with universal apps and more coming soon. Google Docs needs to show it can keep pace with Office — and better still, come up with clever tricks the classic productivity suite hasn't thought of yet.


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