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6 meeting avatars and apps that will simplify your day

John Brandon | Aug. 27, 2013
Does the technology that's supposed to make your life easier only make things more complicated? You're not alone. These six apps will juggle your schedule, check the weather and remember that it's your wife's birthday.

Price: Free.

SuperCalender: Cheaper Than Hiring an Assistant
This is more of a service than an app. You start by granting an agent access to your Google Calendar. (Interestingly, it's hard to know whether the SuperCalendar "agent" is a computer program or a human.) You then share several preferences with the agent so it better knows the who, what, when, where and why of your calendar. To schedule, move and cancel meetings, you just forward an e-mail. The service isn't exactly a bargain, but it's much less than hiring a real assistant.

Price: $89/month.

Osito: Bringing Google Now-esque Features to iPhone
Osito for iPhone is another app that tries to predict your day. It behaves like a mashup between a weather app and Google Now. It estimates how long it will take to get to a meeting. You'll also see weather info related to your meeting locale, and even an estimate on when the weather might change. You'll also get automatic popups about flight details. Finally, you can quickly let people know if the travel route you're using has you running late.

Price: Free.


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