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Apple working on fix for iOS 6.1 bug that's choking Exchange servers

John Cox | Feb. 15, 2013
Apple users still reporting battery life and Wi-Fi problems after 6.1 update.

User frustration on the Apple forums is almost palpable, especially regarding Wi-Fi connectivity and battery life.

On one thread, RobertJCella, who has an iPhone 5, wrote "prior to 6.1 no issues at all but now wifi just drops repeatedly. Apple, do u not QA test before releasing software?? This is unacceptable."

Another user, zanviexx, with a fourth-generation iPod, wrote "Same problem here. iOS 6.1 *****. I honestly wish I could go back to iOS 4. Everything was great. So much for bug fixes."

Some users found that a "network reset" worked. A poster with the handle dumky2 wrote that "I was able to solve the intermittent wifi connection problem on ipod touch 5 with iOS 6.1 by doing a network reset, as suggested above in the thread. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings." But others who tried it said it didn't work for them.

Some users this week sounded at the end of their rope. A Venezuelan user with the handle MstrJoey wrote in the same thread on Tuesday that his "wifi button is grayed out too, and updating my iPhone to iOS 6.1.1 didn't work at all. I ran out of MB [Mbytes] so now I can't even connect into the internet. I tried everything, from resetting network connections to restoring the iPhone completely, nothing works....At first wifi just dropped, now its grayed out. Lost all my apps on the restore process :/. I'm using an iPhone 4s, 32GB, bought it less than a year ago."

He concluded: "If someone on Apple is reading this, PLEASE work on it. Im desperate, really, I need my Wifi connection, otherwise i miss out on work stuff."

One user had a novel suggestion for him. "put your iphone 4S off, in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, then connect and wifi work again, I did and it worked," wrote brunosr.

And MstrJoey was desperate enough to try it. "Ok, so here's the deal, putting the iPhone in the fridge for half hour did work, it unlocked the wifi button so now I can turn it off and on," he reported. "Nevertheless, it's still not connecting to any network for more than 30 seconds, and now it doesn't even recognize any around me (and there are lots, trust me)."

Another user, Clairelh83, is so frustrated that she's considering switching from the iPhone when her data contract ends soon. "I am having major issues with this new update, and quite frankly it's very annoying," she posted. "In my household there are 2 iphones and 2 ipads, all of which were working fine before the update. Both iphones and ipads now won't connect to the wifi since the update."

"Why haven't apple come out with a statement or ways to fix the problem as looking through various threads it had been going on for some time," she wrote.


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