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Best iPhone & iPad apps for entertaining children

David Price | Aug. 27, 2013
Fun iPhone and iPad apps to keep kids amused on a Bank Holiday

£1.99 |

A neat, clever physics puzzle game for iPhone that we'd recommend to adults, but older children are likely to enjoy it too - provided they can get the hang of the quick action. And the look of the game - including a cute scaly protagonist - will appeal to youngsters too.

Free | 

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7
Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 is based on the final three books and last four films within the Harry Potter franchise, given a lighthearted twist by the Lego theme. There's no question that this will appeal most to a younger audience, but there's much in it for all to enjoy.

£2.99 | 

Best iPhone & iPad apps for children: Educational apps

Solar Walk - 3D Solar System
If your kids are feeling bored later tonight, how about a spot of astronomy? The amazing Solar Walk is a great app to get you starter. The £1.99 app lets you explore the solar system in exquisite detail. You can pinch and zoom around the heavens, examining celestial bodies in an immersive 3D environment from any angle or perspective.

£1.99 | 

And here's another delightful astronomical option. Redshift uses your current location to show you which stars, constellations and planets you should be able to see. If you enable the Follow Sky option, RedShift will update what you should expect to see as you point your iPad or iPhone at different spots in the sky while you pan around. It's not a cheap option at £7.99, but a deep and rewarding experience.

£7.99 |

Operation Math
The Americanism in the app's name might be mildly objectionable to British buyers, but this action-packed maths app has a lot to recommend it. The app mixes basic maths skills for children aged 5-12 with a time-based spy game.

£1.99 | 

Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication
More maths: sorry, kids. Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication is a great little iPhone/iPa app that makes learning times tables a fun activity.

69p |

Jungle Time
Jungle Time teaches children how to tell the time, turning the whole thing into a bit of a game. It's fun and engaging for kids as the clock faces can be set with different animal faces that smile, roar, etc, when you get the answers right.

69p/£1.99 | 

One of the most valuable skills for a youngster to learn in the digital economy is coding, which is where Kodable comes in (at a very basic level).

SurfScoreLLC's premise for the app is very simple: "The fuzz family have crash-landed on Smeeborg and they need your help navigating the Technomazes." The commands to get the fuzzballs through the mazes are all drag and drop so with a little trial and error we can easily find our way through, earn the rewards and get to grips with the fundamentals of coding.


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