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China province beefs up crime-fighting techniques

Veronica C. Silva | July 27, 2011
NEC installs new fingerprinting ID system

'CSI: China' could be the next worldwide franchise in the Hollywood hit TV series after a China province installed a new fingerprinting identification system.

Japan's NEC Corporation said it has installed a new fingerprinting system in China's Anhui province. NEC said the new system will be used to identify fingerprints left by suspects in the crime scene. The process of identification involves matching the collected sample with a pre-registered database.

There are already 1,800 automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) terminals in Anhui province and another 500 terminals are planned in the future. The installations represent one of the largest AFISes in China, capable of registering fingerprint data for 10 million people. The older versions can register only five million fingerprint data.

It takes an average of 30 seconds to accurately match the fingerprint sample with the database, NEC said. Within three months of launching this new system, it matched the same number of fingerprint hits as the entire previous year. 

The new system is also an upgrade from the older and smaller or independent systems. The new system can be integrated with other systems. NEC said this feature is important as there is an increasing demand for cooperation between provinces so interoperable and largescale systems are becoming the norm.

Other NEC fingerprinting systems have also been installed in more than 30 countries worldwide.


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