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CIOs adjust to enterprise tech as a fashion statement

Tom Kaneshige | June 10, 2014
The state of enterprise tech has moved from company-centric to user-centric, and IT leaders -- faced with fickle consumer-business users -- must learn to understand 'the need' not 'the ask.'

"Islands of collaboration do no good," which is being user-led, Loura says. "User-centric is about looking at and understanding the need, not the ask."

In the aforementioned example, Loura recognizes that he's already in a tough pot. He doesn't want to react to a business-user request and come off as a control freak. So instead he lets business users do what he calls "shallow exploration" of cloud apps and then monitors their activities. Based on this, Loura identifies opportunities to pitch his solution and get ahead of the request.

"I'll go tap the user on the shoulder, not as IT saying, 'Please stop' but as an enabler saying, 'Hey, I noticed you're doing this. Can you tell me why you're doing it and what value you get?'' Loura says. "And I'll go back and design a system and say, 'Hey, we found a better way to do that.'"


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