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Customize your Windows 8 start screen with Start Screen Animation Tweaker

Mark O'Neill | April 11, 2013
The start screen "grid" has been touted as a big feature of Windows 8. However, with the portable Start Screen Animations Tweaker, you can improve it even more.

The other feature is the "Parallax effect". In a nutshell, this involves either speeding up or slowing down the scrolling effect of the grid menu background wallpaper. Normally, when you have tiles that go off the screen, you need to scroll to get to them. In this instance, you may notice that the wallpaper moves a bit faster than the tiles. With Start Screen Animations Tweaker, you can now slow it down--or speed it up even more if you want.

Simply click "tune up the Parallax effect" and move the slider back and forth (and again, there is a reset button you can use if necessary).  If you try both ends of the slider, you'll see what I am talking about with the speed of the wallpaper scrolling. It's one of those things you need to do yourself to understand exactly what I mean.

As I said, little tweaks like this may just seem like playing and not really "useful". But the speed with which you can open apps is entirely dependent on how fast certain elements of the PC react.  If the grid menu takes time to open up, that affects how long it will take to then open a program.  It is worth giving Start Screen Animations Tweaker a go and seeing if you can tweak your Windows 8 grid menu to go that little bit faster and smoother.


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