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Dell XPS 8700 Special Edition's review: A little less performance for a lot less cash

Alex Cocilova | Aug. 28, 2013
No one will mistake this machine for boutique builder's product, but we have no complaints about its price/performance ratio.

The included wired mouse and keyboard are the definition of standard. The keyboard offers some dedicated media controls but is not backlit. The long, curved mouse is comfortable enough for everyday use, but is otherwise unremarkable. Dell offers its wireless KM714 keyboard and mouse combo as a $75 upgrade.

If I had to choose between Dell's mainstream gaming rig and HP's (each configured as the manufacturers sent them for review), I'd pick Dell's because it has the better video card, more memory, and more storage. HP's Envy, on the other hand, costs $200 less and comes with a 256GB SSD (HP also offers more configuration options, although you can't upgrade to a better video card). Neither machine is a gaming powerhouse, but both provide good price/performance ratios and reasonable headroom for down-the-road upgrades.


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