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Dropbox users, try these: Hands-on with the free Mailbox and Carousel apps

Liane Cassavoy | Dec. 18, 2014
You probably think of Dropbox as a great place to store your digital stuff. And it is. But now Dropbox is looking beyond simple cloud storage, offering apps that do a whole lot more. Here's the lowdown on two Dropbox apps: Carousel and Mailbox.

Carousel is free to download and install, and it's a handy way to take photo organization, storage, and sharing mobile. It's at its best when used to share with other Carousel users, but it's useful enough to stand on its own two feet.


Mailbox may seem like an odd entry in the Dropbox product line. But it makes sense when you think of Dropbox — a cloud storage service — expanding into the apps we use every day.

Many of us use email as a de facto storage service, a place for storing files, messages, tasks, appointments, and more. Too often, however, all of that info sits in your inbox, clogging it up and slowing you down.

But not with Mailbox. This app is designed to help you "fly through your email," and it actually does. Mailbox is available for Android and iOS devices, with a new beta also available for Mac OSX. I haven't tested it on a Mac, so I can't speak to that experience, but I can say it works seamlessly with a touchscreen iOS or Android device.

Mailbox helps you clean out your inbox by moving messages to more appropriate locations. A swipe to the right archives a message, while a longer swipe to the right places it in the trash. (I was worried these two similar gestures would be problematic, but they aren't.) Swiping a message to the left lets you snooze it until later, a particularly helpful feature for emails that can wait until first thing tomorrow morning or next month. A longer swipe to the left lets you add a message to one of your lists (which you can create). The goal is to clean out your inbox so that it contains only the items you have to deal with right now. And it actually works. I've tested plenty of email services that promise the same, and this is one of the only ones that actually delivers.


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