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Ensuring business continuity and building opportunities

Jennifer O'Brien | Dec. 19, 2014
Who says storage can't be sexy?

"This is where most resellers don't have the skills because most of those applications are designed by either large consulting organisations or an application developer and typically that's not the role of the reseller. The reseller doesn't actually have the skills to do that. So what ends up happening is people put workloads in the Cloud, they move their 'pets' to the Cloud and then all of a sudden they get this bill shock because hyper scalers are all designed to be horizontal scale. When you're not using it, you turn it off. If you leave something running in the Cloud 24/7, you're not going to get any economies of scale."

Skills remain a top challenge, but Thomas Duryea Consulting CEO, Andrew Thomas, said partners can fi nd success by providing clients with a business discussion (and deliver on outcomes) in addition to the technology conversation. He has re-engineered his business to help take customers on the Cloud journey.

"Help them understand their workloads now and the options they've got. We show them there are many new ways to analyse workloads and requirements. Often that isn't just the technology level - we've also built out a consultant advisory practice that allows us to move on behalf of IT outside of IT so that we're talking to a business about the true business requirements. IT enjoys that because it gives them a mechanism to marry what they're doing to the business."

Enterprises will increase their adoption of fl ash technology as the leading storage companies validate this trend. NetApp's Swinbourne said the battle between mainstream players and bleeding-edge all-fl ash vendors will be won by those that best enable customers to deploy the right levels of performance, reliability and scalability for their specifi c needs and workloads., chief mechanic, CEO, Stefan Gillard, agreed the obsession with fl ash technology is shaking up the market.

"We are seeing commoditisation of storage and the advent of all fl ash arrays or hybrid converged appliances like a Nutanix that has the compute and the storage and the network all in the same appliance and software defi ned storage and network. Our customers now have huge opportunities and huge choices," Gillard said.

"Consumers in the last three years have more selection around all storage, fl ash, version IO, hybrid, trays from even the big manufactures. They've got consumer choice for one of the first times. Five years ago or 10 years ago, if you were Telstra there were probably two vendors that you talked to about your storage needs. Now you've actually got more than two handfuls of people you can potentially go to."


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