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Former Google exec rips new, more social Google

Sharon Gaudin | March 15, 2012
A former Google executive has said the company is so focused on advertising and its increasing rivalry with Facebook that the search company is going off track.

According to Whittaker's blog, this plan wasn't a positive shift for the company.

"I think [Whittaker] is saying that the Google he knew was one that drove hard to develop innovative new products for the sake of serving users," said Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group. "The old Google just tried to push out cool new things for users, and the advertising riches followed. This new Google seems to be trying to channel its efforts to satisfying advertiser, not user, needs. I'd argue that this approach will be less successful over the long term."

He added that Google's obsession with Facebook isn't healthy for the company. "Google has to get used to the idea that they can't be everything to everyone," said Olds. "They can't have all the toys in the store."

This isn't the first time that a Google executive has publicly aired his grievances with the company.

Last fall, Steve Yegge, a Google software engineer, accidentally posted a long rant publicly on Google+, slamming Google and calling the company's new social network a "pathetic afterthought."



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