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Get your writing done with Yarny, a cloud-based, distraction-free writing environment

Yaara Lancet | May 29, 2013
Writing a book, a research paper, or a script may seem intimidating when sitting in front of a blank word-processor window, trying to figure out where to start. Yarny is a cloud-based, distraction-free editor that can help writers stay organized and focused on their work.

If you need background notes, or want to write down information that doesn't fit into the main project, the right sidebar offers People, Places and Things sections, where you can create more snippets and groups for your notes. All snippets, both here and in the main project, are searchable through keywords and tags, and can be shared for viewing purposes via a unique URL.

When it comes to appearances, the free account lets you choose between three different standard font types (Sans-Serif, Serif, and Monospace) and three different font sizes. If you're a fan of dark backgrounds, you'll have to opt for the Premium account, as the free one doesn't offer any further control over appearance.

Done writing? Yarny offers several export options for your work, as well as integration with Publification (a free publication platform for eBooks). You can export your entire project or parts of it into plain text, rich text, or ePub, and have the resulting document divided by snippets, groups, or both. Unfortunately, there's no import option at the moment, so the only way to get existing work into Yarny is by copying and pasting it into the system.

Yarny is an easy-to-use writing environment that combines a distraction-free editor with useful organization tools. The interface feels well thought-out, and the features it brings can make it a valuable tool for writers of all kinds. As long as you have no qualms about working in the browser and saving your work to the cloud, or don't mind exporting your work every time just in case, Yarny could be the clutter-free solution you were always looking for.


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