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Google Android L: Everything we know

Tony Ibrahim | June 27, 2014
Control your car, television and smartwatch from your next Google smartphone.

Gmail revised for a tablet
Gmail revised for a tablet

Working with smartwatches
Android L has been optimised to work with Google's smartwatch operating system, Android War. Android director of engineering, David Singleton, showcased the functionality of Android Wear smartwatches at the Google I/O conference using the square-faced LG G watch and the round-faced Motorola Moto 360. "We're right at the beginning of a new phase in the miniaturisation of technology," said Singleton.

Singleton dictated calendar entries and notes to his smartwatch and automatically had them synchronised with his smartphone. Wear allowed him to reject incoming phone calls and respond with predefined text messages.

Google has unified its Android platform so that it works in complete synchronicity between its smartwatches and smartphones. Android L smartphones use connected smartwatches to recognise when the phone owner is present. When in range, the smartphone's security lock is disabled.

It is reactivated only when the smartwatch is no longer in range. Notifications on Wear smartwatches are presented as tiles arranged according to your location, the time of day and events listed in your calendar. Navigating the interface is a matter of swiping, while searches can be dictated.

Android Wear smartwatches can also be used as remotes to control compatible Android televisions, following the announcement Google is working with Sony, Philips and Sharp on extending its Android platform to televisions.

Leading smartwatch manufacturer Samsung will release an Android Wear smartwatch called the Gear Live. It joins the company's existing range of Tizen Gear smartwatches. Samsung and LG smartwatches will be available for preorder today in select markets on Google Play, Singleton said, while Motorola's Moto 360 will be available "later in the summer".

Samsung Gear Live
Samsung Gear Live


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