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Guest Article: Asia Pacific’s leading role in Software Defined Networking

Dan Pitt, Executive Director of the Open Networking Foundation | Sept. 6, 2012
Interop Tokyo provided further proof that OpenFlow is leading the revolution

Other OpenFlow activities included an Interop panel session with Daisuke Saso of Brocade and Atsushi Iwata of NEC discussing the ONF's work, and Dan Pitt filling in the bigger picture. The full audience provided excellent and intriguing Q&A at the close of the session. Pitt also delivered a keynote address on the SDN movement, and how Silicon Valley and Japan are leading the new networking generation. During the session, Big Switch Networks CEO Guido Appenzeller - from the perspective of a successful startup - contributed part of the keynote and explained how the movement started, its evolution, and how it is spawning new companies. ONF board member Yukio Ito of NTT also contributed to the keynote and provided deep insight into the Japanese landscape and enterprise cloud services.

The future of networking

The ONF has witnessed an explosion of interest in software-defined networking since its launch in 2011. Critics who dismissed it as an ivory-tower exercise were quickly silenced by the rapid uptake and deployment of SDN - driven by OpenFlow giving the industry the confidence of a proven, vendor-agnostic global standard.

Silicon Valley, bellwether of so many important ICT trends, was first to get in on the action, but the Asia Pacific region has again shown its strong commitment to the future of networking. As Dan Pitt commented after Interop Tokyo 2012:

"While we participated in activities such as press conferences and receptions, the membership activities and speaking sessions were definitely the peaks... It was evident that the industry is making a huge investment in OpenFlow and SDN. It was also readily apparent that there is a hunger for more - more knowledge, more understanding, and more products sooner!"




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