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How to find and implement emerging technology as a new CIO

Chloe Dobinson | Oct. 3, 2017
How a new CIO can help to transform a business through emerging technology.

A key responsibility and ambition for all CIOs is to oversee IT transformation in their organisation. A CIO can accomplish this by keeping track of emerging trends and then influencing the business model. 

As a CIO digital trends will make or break their career. Understanding changes in digital will be a chance for the CIO to become the next 'digital CEO' influencing and leading the C-suite. 

CIO UK looks at how to implement new technology as a starting CIO. 


Keep up to date with emerging trends

According to the 2017 Gartner Hype Cycle, emerging trends such as blockchain, IoT and cloud are helping to transform the business strategy. To get ahead in the market a CIO needs to test and research a given product before its competitors. 

The traditional CIO would spend long hours working away, looking after hardware and software provision and keeping down costs, without getting the recognition they deserve.

The modern CIO is measured not on how many hours they put in or costs they can save, but on what they produce and how they can influence positive change within the organisation.

1x1 pixelIt's important to spend time staying abreast of the latest technologies and products used by peers and rivals. Then you can offer a line of business leaders tools with which they can improve their departments, and therefore the customer experience.


Communicate with the board

According to PwC, 47% of CIOs feel they add value to the business, with CIOs now taking the opportunity to teach board executives the word 'digital'.

As technology advances, CIOs are now taking steps to ensure digital is communicated and CIO Darryn Warner uses his role to work alongside the CEO, the plc and their divisional boards to help deliver a digital message at Interserve.

"Communicating what it can mean for them, their customers, suppliers and the community at large is front and centre of our thinking," he said. "I take the various business change activities across the group and categorise them into stories that can be easily understood by the boards."

The use of infographics, telling personal stories and avoiding IT jargon can help break down information to ensure an understanding of IT at board level. This can ensure executives are aware of the changes in technology and the overall digital strategy.


Road test products

CIOs are under pressure to add value to the company through innovative technology. Implementing technology across the workforce through employing products and speeding up the digital process can be a challenge for a CIO. Typically a CIO doesn't directly control every department of the business.

By understanding the needs of the organisation, and having a vision for how the customer experience can be transformed and improved, the CIO can look for emerging tech that will fit the bill.


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