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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending April 10

John Cox | April 12, 2013
Bezels, worker bees, chain-sawing prices, short-term memory

These are the same prices found on Apple's website. 

Walmart's iPad listing does show a different price, but only for the iPad mini, which is now priced at $299, down from $329. But iPad 2 and iPad Retina are unchanged at $399 and $499 respectively. Walmart does offer a refurbished 16GB iPad 2 at $349.

AppleInsider's price guide shows Walmart, and Target, as being sold out of some but not all iPad mini models; the remaining models start from the standard $329. For the other full-size iPad models, the price guide shows the iPad products available from MacMall with current discounts ranging from $29 to $49 on some but not all models.

To paraphrase TechnoBuffalo's Adriana Lee, that does not make sense. Or at least not quite as much sense as everyone seems to think.

Lee and others deduce from a general principle - price cuts are used to clear inventory before a new product is introduced - that in this specific case - of temporary cuts in the prices of some iPad models - Apple will shortly introduce the Next iPad. But not all price cuts are about clearing inventory.

And without some historical data, showing how iPad retail prices have changed through each model cycle, it's impossible to know that this case is an instance of that principle. Even if this (apparently) one-time discount is being offered to clear out inventory, we don't know how long that process will go on for Apple and its retailers - it doesn't necessarily show that a new product is coming in a few weeks or even a few months.

Somewhere, right now, a blogger is writing a post about how the price cuts and inventory clearance confirm, conform, reinforce, lend credence to all the other rumors, and vice versa, that Apple, sure enough, will announce a New iPad.

In fact, Daniel Perez, at Ubergizmo has already written it: "It looks like the rumors of a new iPad being announced this month are starting to become stronger as not only did a number of well-connected sources say Apple has an event planned for the end of April, but we're also seeing a number of retailers slash prices of their iPads."

iPad 5 will be released in April

One of the ways in which New Media rumorism differs from Lame Stream journalism is that its attention span is even shorter.

"iPad 5 Rumored To Arrive in April: New Release Date Specs And Features Detailed Here [REPORT]" was the April 9 headline at iDesignTimes

In light of the previous rumor, this "new" rumor would mean that the Next iPad is being released before it's being manufactured.


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