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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending March 16

John Cox | March 19, 2012
Unseasonably warm weather, as so often happens, triggered rumor precipitation in the iOSsphere.

iPhone 5 rear housing will use a new material

You can't really satirize an industry, in this case the international Apple rumor industry, that so successfully satirizes itself.

Here's the rumor, courtesy of International Business Times' Sangeeta Mukherjee, who offers it as part of the "rampant speculation that Apple's next generation smartphone will have some stunning features which will outshine all its competitors."

And what is one of these stunning features?

IBT has the scoop, though as befitting a real rumor, it's entirely unsourced: "The latest Apple iPhone is expected to come with a back plate made of the same material used in beer cans, and a rubberized bezel or edge."

This reminds Rollup of a now-ancient Mad Magazine advertising satire of the Madison Avenue mindset promoting a new toy ball "made with the same material used in B-52 bomber tires!" That would have been, back then, basically rubber.

The "material used in beer cans" is aluminum, stamped to paper (or less) thinness, and the details are on view in this Discovery Channel video on how beer cans are made. You can hear real men talking lovingly about the qualities of aluminum. There is also, as it turns out, more than one online History of Beer Cans.

That's what you can look forward to in this pinnacle of mobile phone industrial design: a beer can with a rubber edge.


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