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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending March 9

John Cox | March 12, 2012
This week, existential angst about The Name, new iPad's revelations about the new iPhone, being unclear on Clearwire, and a formula for creating your own conclusion about The Date for iPhone 5.

Robert Anderson, writing at Capacity Magazine, drew on a recent Goldman Sachs report to briefly describe those differences, which include TD being more efficient in its use of spectrum, and able to dynamically adjust capacity, but FD covering wider distances, and not having to make use of guard intervals to keep uplinks and downlinks separate.

Eventually, the difference will be resolved by chip manufacturers: already Qualcomm and ST-Ericsson have announced plans to introduce chips that will work on either network. But even if iPhone 5 does have an LTE chip it's not clear it will run on Clearwire's network. Apple is selling separate FD-LTE versions of the new iPad, one for AT&T and one for Verizon. Where Clearwire fits into Apple's LTE plans, or schedule, isn't clear.

Everybody-and-his-brother's LTE network is seen as supporting the next iPhone. Adam Mills at GottaBeMobile reports that regional carrier C-Spire, which currently has the iPhone 4S, announced that it will start rolling out its LTE network in some parts of Mississippi in September.

"It didn't, however, announce any sort of devices that would accompany the carrier entry into the world of 4G LTE," Mills noted, significantly. "However, we can think of at least one. Apple's next iPhone which is presumed to be 4G LTE in nature."

iPhone 5 will be actually be called "The New iPhone"

"Nicole" at InRumor starts her post, headlined "Will the iPhone 5 be released as 'The New iPhone'?" with a quote from Apple CEO Tim Cook, concluding this week's new iPad announcement: "Across the year, you're going to see a lot more of this kind of innovation."

Apparently, calling the Next iPhone the new iPhone is the height of this kind of innovation, in Nicole's eyes.

Not just some people, but "many people" are confused by Apple's name game with the new iPad, Nicole declares.

"Taking all these into account, do you believe the company will release the iPhone 5 under the name of The New iPhone?" she asks. "Everything is possible, especially when it comes to Apple, a company renowned for its unpredictability."

Surely we knew that before the announcement of the new iPad.

If Nicole is confused, Michael Nace at iPhone5NewsBlog seems to be enduring an existential crisis brought on by the name of the new iPad and its implications for the name of the new iPhone.

"Apple Enthusiasts Confused Over 'New iPad' Name," his headline declares.

Instead of some name with a qualifier like "3" or "HD" we're stuck with this "nondescript" and "minimalist" moniker "New iPad."

Nace and Nicole are among those who truly believe the product name is either "The New iPad" or "New iPad." Yet clearly it's not. Apple's Website product tab simply says "iPad." The text refers variously to "third-generation" and "new" but both terms clearly are, to use Nace's own term, "qualifiers," not the proper name of the product.


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