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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending March 9

John Cox | March 12, 2012
This week, existential angst about The Name, new iPad's revelations about the new iPhone, being unclear on Clearwire, and a formula for creating your own conclusion about The Date for iPhone 5.

And why would it be silly? "It would be silly because Apple would essentially be cannibalizing their own sales," Anonoauthor writes. "In other words, they might get their loyal customer to buy an iPad 3 or an iPhone 5 although it would be very unlikely that the average Apple customer will purchase both high profile products at the same time."

This "reasoning" apparently means that the average Apple customer wants to buy both, but won't if the two purchases are made "within just a few months of each other."

"This logically means that the 2012 iPhone 5 release date will not fall in the summer months of 2012. It would invariably get postponed to the fall months of 2012," the author concludes.

But there's a catch: "The only exception to this scenario is if Apple releases the iPad 3 this month (March) and then released the iPhone 5 after about 3 months from now, in June." In other words, it would be incredibly silly for Apple to release iPhone 5 three months from now in June, unless...that's what actually happens.

Then there's the LTE thing. "Since second generation 4G LTE chips will be production ready only in the second half of 2012, the release of the next iPhone might also be correspondingly delayed."

Finally, there's the iPhone 4S thing. "Though Apple might not give the iPhone 4S a 16 month prime shelf space period, we also think that they would certainly not make it an outdated iPhone by releasing the iPhone 5, within a year of the iPhone 4S' launch."

So, the conclusion is that iPhone 5 will certainly be announced anytime from June through December 2012.


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