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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending April 12

John Cox | April 15, 2013
Searching for 6, tune that name, divination and job postings, pink rantings

Not content with merely repeating unsubstantiated iPhone 6 rumors, the iOSphere this week turned to original research and to reading entrails, otherwise known as job postings. The results were, uh, mixed.

Google data showed that regular folks are more interested in "iPhone 6" than in "iPhone 5S." What's up with that? And what about those names anyway? Doesn't Apple realize what "S" actually says to buyers?

Also this week: flexible displays and fingerprint sensors, both of which miss the point and probably Apple's priorities; ranting on T-Mobile for delaying the Next iPhone, but what can you expect from a carrier that glorifies the color pink?

You read it here second.


"Looking at a new Apple job posting, there's a very good chance that the "iPhone 5S", Apple's 2013 flagship, may be a very, very incremental upgrade over the iPhone 5."

~ Brian Fulcher, GadgetInsider, insightfully drawing the Obvious Conclusion after seeing Apple's job posting for a software engineer to write "low level code to configure and control hardware" and use LabTool and FA software to test fingerprint sensors."


iPhone 6 has higher interest among consumers than iPhone 5S

And we know this because of some first-rate, original research by GottaBeMobile, as reported in a blog post by Josh Smith

"According to the search trends, consumer interest in the iPhone 6 overshadows the iPhone 5S, even though this [meaning iPhone 5S] is likely the iPhone that will arrive on store shelves later this year," Smith declares.

Overshadows by a lot. "Consumers are nearly twice as interested in the iPhone 6 as in the iPhone 5S, and for the last year the iPhone 6 also claims dramatically more interest," he explains, in a sentence that should have begun his post.

Smith points out, helpfully, that "Apple is known for following an iPhone naming system that adds an S to the end of the name for the model after a major re-design."

Apple has done this exactly two times, out of six iPhone models: iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4S. Doing it twice makes you "known" for a "system." Just like the system for naming iPads: iPad, iPad 2 and...uh, iPad.

"The iPhone 5S is expected this summer with iPhone 5 looks and a few new features, but consumers are clearly focused on the iPhone 6," Smith writes. He knows their focus because he made use of online research tools, and the riches of Google, in this case Google Trends, which shows how often a specific search-term is entered. Smith provides proof with a chart that shows this dramatic, twice-as-much, overshadowing gap in consumer interest and focus.


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