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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending April 12

John Cox | April 15, 2013
Searching for 6, tune that name, divination and job postings, pink rantings

"While Apple's naming system could always change by the time the next iPhone arrives, many believe it will carry the iPhone 5S name, and that consumers will need to wait until 2014 for the iPhone 6." By "many believe," Smith means "those of who write for websites like GottaBeMobile."

But still. This dramatic disparity has to mean something, right? Why are these people so interested in a phone they won't see for 12 to 18 months when the other phone is probably just months, if not weeks, away? What's going on?

Finally, Jones asks the Big Question. "Why Is the iPhone 6 More Popular?"

"There are a number of reasons the iPhone 6 is more popular than that iPhone 5S, but perhaps the most obvious is that even with two generations of S models, many iPhone users think the iPhone that comes after the iPhone 5 will be the iPhone 6."

Those ... fools! These are probably the same people who like sheep just do whatever they're instructed by Apple's advertising campaigns. Don't they realize that Apple has a damn Naming System? Don't they follow obsessively every single rumor about plastic vs. metal casings or flexible display technology, or every compulsively detailed analysis of temporary Apple price cuts or of 4.5-inch display shipment variances? Don't they read sites like GottaBeMobile? Apparently, incredibly, not.

So what GottaBeMobile really discovered was that most of the people searching the web for information about the Next iPhone search for "iPhone 6" instead of "iPhone 5S" because they think that the Next iPhone - the iPhone to be announced in 2013 -- actually will be called "iPhone 6."

Imagine that.

iPhone 6 will be the Next iPhone even if the Next iPhone is actually the iPhone 5S

And speaking of iPhone naming systems, though the preferred term is "naming conventions," Erica Ogg at Gigaom is clearly impressed with the analysis of Apple's naming conventions, and the judgment of their failure, by "former Apple ad man Ken Segall."

"Former Apple ad man Ken Segall has done some thinking about the tendency to assume that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 5S and he thinks it's a pretty bad idea," she shares in a blog post. "He argued in a blog post Thursday why Apple should call the next smartphone it releases next the iPhone 6, no matter what. It's true...."

One of the most widely quoted statements from Segall's own blog post expands on why the "S" spells "deathtrap" for Apple: "[T]acking an S onto the existing model number sends a rather weak message. It says that this is our 'off-year' product, with only modest improvements. If holding off on the big number change achieved some great result, I might think otherwise. But look what happened with iPhone 5."


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