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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending April 12

John Cox | April 15, 2013
Searching for 6, tune that name, divination and job postings, pink rantings

But relatively higher cost and other technical issues have made OLED a non-starter for Apple so far. This post by a Forbes contributor has some of the OLED critiques offered in the past by Apple's Tim Cook and the late Steve Jobs.

Whether OLED displays, even flat ones, appear in the 2013 iPhone or even the 2014 iPhone is anyone's guess at this point.

iPhone 6 will have a fingerprint sensor because Apple is hiring a fingerprint sensor test guy

More from the Entrails Dept., courtesy of GadgetInsider's Brian Fulcher.

"Long thought of to be one of the iPhone 5S' new and unique features, fingerprint sensor technology (possibly located underneath the next iPhone's home button) may actually debut on the iPhone 6, which is what most sources call Apple's 2014 flagship handset," he reveals

The Rollup loves that "long thought to be" an iPhone 5S feature. That actually means "ever since the announcement of the iPhone 5," because until the iPhone 5 was announced it was long thought that a fingerprint sensor would be one of its new and unique features.

By "looking at a new Apple job posting," Fulcher discerns that not only is it unlikely that iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint sensor but that "there's a very good chance that the 'iPhone 5S'...may be a very, very incremental upgrade over the iPhone 5."

"The job opening is for a software engineer at Florida's Melbourne Design Center, and would require the successful candidate to write 'low level code to configure and control hardware' and use LabTool and FA software to test fingerprint sensors." He has a link to the job posting, but here, too, Apple seems to have deleted it.

This is interesting, says Fulcher.

"This is interesting because Melbourne is where Authentec is headquartered, Authentec being the maker of fingerprint technology solutions Apple had acquired last year," he notes, significantly. "As this is a late-cycle posting, this suggests that the iPhone 5S won't come with fingerprint technology after all; that feature may turn up on the iPhone 6 instead."

The trained, experience haruspex can see truths beyond the abilities of others like us.

The Rollup covered the Authentec rumors in August 2012, when people were predicting that the iPhone 5 would incorporate the company's sensor. As TheNextWeb's Matt Brian confidently wrote then "Will we see fingerprint technology in the new iPhone (or iPad)? It seems almost certain....we could see it in just a matter of weeks." We know how that turned out.

Authentec's fingerprint sensor is only one part of the technology bundle for which Apple paid $356 million: it also offers a range of smart sensors, identity management (including PC/laptop fingerprint sensors), and embedded security products, all of which may be of interest to Apple in creating, for example, a viable, trusted mobile commerce service that would go far beyond using a fingerprint sensor to unlock your iPhone.


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