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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending April 12

John Cox | April 15, 2013
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iPhone 6, 5S delayed and you can blame T-Mobile

This rumor, notable even in the iOSphere for its lack of foundation, appeared in a post at International Business Times by the indefatigable Kristin Dian Mariano.

"The release iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S is rumoured to be postponed due to US carrier T-Mobile's delayed availability of the current iPhone," she posted. "With the delayed availability of the handset in T-Mobile, Apple may not release the successors of the handset yet. Rumours claimed that Apple is set to unleash iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S in June."

There is not one source cited for this; not even hinted at. For this assertion to have even a vague semblance of plausibility you have to first believe the rumors of a June announcement for one or two or even three new iPhones (don't forget the Cheap iPhone). Then, you have to believe that T-Mobile's decision to start selling iPhone 5 in April creates a problem for Apple's plan to announce iPhone 6 in June. Then, you have to believe Apple couldn't have figured this out ahead of time. Finally, you have to believe that a flummoxed Apple abruptly decided to "postpone" the Next iPhone announcement to accommodate T-Mobile.

One person who apparently believes all this is SidhTech's Chris Toberlake. He grants that a June announcement "is of course a little sooner than expected given that the last iPhone (iPhone 5) only launched in October of last year." Just a little sooner.


"Even if this does prove true, it has to be the most asinine thing I've heard," he rants. "Imagine delaying the iPhone 6, Apple's flagship smartphone that is set to release all over the globe, because one little carrier in the US was late to jump on the Apple bandwagon!"

"I would understand if IBT Australia suggested that a T-Mobile iPhone 6 would be delayed but for the rest of globe to be left waiting for the iPhone 6 because of the pink carrier is nonsense."

This is a frothing-at-the-mouth level of outrage...over an unannounced product and its unannounced product schedule, without a nanoshred of evidence to support IBT's assertions.

Maybe it was a slow rumor day.


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