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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending August 23

John Cox | Aug. 26, 2013
Putting price(s) on the cheap Apple iPhone, the Golden Age dawns

There will be gold.

IMore's Rene Ritchie also backed away from gaudiness, swapping a gaudy mockup for the much more restrained champagne version.

"According to our own Ally Kazmucha, who's no stranger to the process, gold is among the easiest colors to anodize onto an iPhone," Ritchie said. "It involves simple chemical reaction, with the possible addition of dye depending on the exact color they want to produce. (True black, conversely, is the hardest, and takes the most time, which is likely why we currently have "slate" instead.)"

But what's the motivation, Ritchie wonders?

"Given how popular gold is as an aftermarket option for color-treatments, and how many gold cases there are - including but certainly not limited to the Asian markets - it could simply be the decision to offer supply where there's demand," he concludes.

Or Apple could be pandering to another audience entirely. "Given the ignorant boring comments Apple had to endure after introducing the completely re-built iPhone 5 last year, gold would give the market the superficial appearance of change they seem to crave," Ritchie said.

Later in the week, TheVerge, among others, posted "leaked" photos of The Gold iPhone, pulled from their original posting at a Japanese-language website. 

"Photos purporting to show the phone have trickled out online, though the images published today on Japan's ASCII website look far more convincing than earlier leaks," explained TheVerge's Amar Toor, oblivious to the fact that we live in the Adobe Photoshop Age, or to online workshops on "How to Draw a Photorealistic iPhone 4 in Photoshop," which have far more convincing results

And still more photos, a veritable tsunami of images, appeared on the eponymous website,, named for a Melbourne, Australian who is trying to make a business of posting photos of Apple prototypes. His latest batch shows rear housings, screens and various unnamed parts of both The Gold iPhone 5S side by side with a robin's-egg-blue plastic iPhone 5C.

Perhaps predictably, the blizzard of posts and pictures sparked a reaction. Mashable's editor-in-chief, Lance Ulanoff, let it be known that "This fascination with iPhone colors confounds me."

It's "irrational," he says. "[I]t's only a stinkin' color."

And we don't need no stinkin' colors.

"It's a fashion statement....If that's the case, what does a gold iPhone 5S say about you? That's you're classy? Fun? Rich? Perhaps it'll also say 'you're lucky,' since the gold iPhone 5S will probably be murder to get ahold of for its first few months."

"Call me old school, but I like to think about what's inside the phone," Ulanoff says. Judge a smartphone not by its outward appearance, or at least by its stinkin' color.


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